Electric Quad Conversion

This is a Medium Size 110 Quad that I converted to Electric Power.  I'm using a Mars 0708 Motor, AllTrax 4844 Controller, and ThunderPower 36Volt 30AmpHour Batteries.  With a 40 tooth rear sprocket and a 12 tooth in front I have a 3.3-1 gear ratio with 16" tires.  I have the Controller limited to 300amps or around 14HP with a top speed of around 30mph.  This Gearing gives good acceleration and 30mph is fast enough for taking the kids for rides.

This is how it looked when I purchased it off CraigsList for $300.  The Quad was is good shape except for the carb needed cleaning and the battery was dead.  Of course I don't want the engine anyway so on to the conversion.

The plastic is a little faded from our Arizona Sun but free from cracks.

There is just 5 bolts holding the back half plastic on.

You have to remove the handlebars to remove the front plastic.  Now we can remove the Engine and corresponding components.

Removing all the engine stuff did not take long, 2 big bolts holding the engine in and several little peaces had to be removed.

This quad must not have been used much because I didn't even have to clean that much and the original tires still have good tread.  I think there is plenty of room for the Electric components.

I will need to cut some of the tubing to make room for the motor and Controller.

This is where I will mount the Controller, after I cut the battery tray out.

Here are the pieces I ended up cutting off.

So now I have a nice big area to mount my electronics and the motor.

Another view of were the Motor and controller will be mounted.

I am using 2 of the mounting tabs that were used on the original engine and then strapping the motor to a third point.

Motors in!

Another view of the motor bolted into position.  Using existing mounts saved a lot of time, not having to fabricating a mounting plate.

Top view.

OK, I cut a piece of wood and mounted all the electronics on it, then mounted it in the space under the seat.

Another view of the electronics.

I wanted to use the thumb throttle that came on the bike but the travel was not enough to use the standard holes on the PB-6 throttle.  In this picture you can see how I drilled a hole down closer to the arm so even with less travel the thumb throttle gives me full range.

Another view.

The thumb throttle ready to be installed on the Quad.

The cable wasn't long enough to reach my electronics tray so I mounted it under the handlebars.

Another view.

Put the plastic back on and mount my Cycle Analyzer gauge to the handlebars and I'm ready for a test drive.

I have used the Cycle Analyzer gauge on a few other E-Conversions and have found them to be fairly accurate.

Time for a test drive.

Ok now that I have a few test drives around the neighborhood time to build a battery box.

So for right now I will be using some old Lithium batteries I used for my giant scale RC planes.  These are 10S-5000ma packs paralleled together to make 30amp hours.  I made this box to fit these packs and added lots of foam padding and velcro straps to hold them.

Here's the other side.

Here is the price brake down for this conversion.
Donor Quad $300
Mars 0708 Motor $425
AllTrax 4844 Controller $400
PB-6 Curtis Throttle $100
7/8" Sprocket for the motor shaft $15
Longer #40 Chain $15
Cycle Analyst Gauge $165
Miscellanies Wire $30
Connectors $50
Nuts and Bolts $20
Around $1500 for everything but the Batteries.  I am using batteries from my RC Planes to power this Quad but you can get a good set of Deep Cycle Batteries for around $100 each so $300 more and your all set to go electric.

I have posted a Video of some early testing here.