Honda MiniMoto Electric GoKart

I stumbled across these 3 Electric GoKarts on CraigsList for only $300 and thought they would be perfect for some experimenting.  First thing to do is see how they perform stock.  They’re powered by a 500watt 36volt system and are advertised to go 15mph.  Me and my son raced them around our cul-de-sac and found that they only go around 12mph but performance really wasn't that bad, descent acceleration and enough speed to get you in trouble if you’re not paying attention.  So for smaller kids stock is ok.  My oldest son is 12 and this will not keep him happy for long.  First mod is to a 1000watt 48volt system.  We also moved the seat back as far as we could without hitting the break (about 6 inches).  With these changes the kart now tops out around 20mph and is much more comfortable to ride.

Our fleet is growin!  I found a couple more on craigslist and know were up to 3 stock 1 48volt and 1 HiPower 36volt.

The HiPowered 36volt Kart is equipped with an Advanced DC 24volt motor running at 36volts, an Alltrax 300amp controller, and a 20ah 36volt battery.  This setup produces around 14hp.

12mp video of the 36Volt HiPower kart in action